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A compreshensive cursive handwriting workbook for kids, complete with mermaid coloring pages for relaxation. Perfect for homeschoolers or any child needing to learn cursive handwriting!


Our Mermaid Cursive Handwriting Workbook

There are numerous benefits to studying cursive handwriting! If you are homeschooling your child, or would like your child to partake in the numerous benefits of learning cursive, then you have come to the right place!

Cursive handwriting has been part of education for HUNDREDS of years, but in the last few decades it has been replaced and even PHASED OUT in certain places! Only in select few and in homeschooling circles, has cursive handwriting been consistently regarded in high regard. That is due to the key educational and cognitive benefits, that learning cursive handwriting endorses.

Why Cursive Writing Is Used In Homeschooling

Parents and educators that turn to homeschooling their kids, often do a lot of research into different aspects of education. As they look into various educational approaches, the subject of handwriting ultimately comes up.

THE ISSUE WITH HANDWRITING IS, WE CANNOT KNOW the consequences of phasing out this skill until it’s TOO LATE!. By that time, KEY DEVELOPMENTAL STAGES are passed and one cannot go back easily and regain that development!


A Mermaid Theme Cursive Writing Workbook Pdf

Having access to a product that you can readily access is half the battle! With our pdf, you can download and have access to high quality worksheets in less than a few minutes!

The ease and convenience of being able to download, save and print off the sheets you need is extremely convenient. The added benefit of coloring in pictures to assist in relaxation and better mental capacity, is also a wonderful benefit!

Additional Benefits Of Our Cursive Handwriting Workbook!

Practicing handwriting actually HELPS THE BRAIN DEVELOP in UNIQUE ways, AS YOUR CHILD IS GROWING!

This effects how they retain information, how they write and how they manage COGNITIVE thought!

Even with the LIMITED information that researchers have on CURSIVE HANDWRITING and the benefits, it is too important to completely neglect, by just deferring to the popular trend of various educators.


Boost Your Child’s Progress With Our Mermaid Cursive Handwriting Book!


With a little extra time devoted, learning cursive handwriting may help your child become a better student and not miss out on all these benefits. If you are a homeschooling parent, or distance educator you should have a strong focus on your child’s handwriting.

The more proficient your child is at handwriting, THE MORE ATTENTION they can devote to higher cognitive processes. When your child can focus on developing higher cognitive processes, they can spend more time focusing on more advanced thought and cognition, thereby improving academically across the board!


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This cursive writing workbook pdf is a wonderful addition to homeschoolers and regular students alike. Complete with upper and lower case letters and many fun pages, this pdf workbook makes the time fly and the cursive writing flow!