Printify Returns, Delivery & Order Policy


✨ This blanket is made and ships from within the United States.


✨ Before placing your order please make sure this is what you want. If you make an error, contact us within four hours of placing your order to cancel. Otherwise your item may already have begun printing.

✨ If a product has arrived damaged or flawed due to a manufacturing error, we will offer a refund (or free replacement, including shipping) of the damaged item. Please contact me within 30 days (domestic orders) of the damaged product delivery.

✨ Note that on occasions, due to variations in production, blankets may arrive up to 3″ shorter than their listed size.

✨ The printed item goes on one side of the blanket in high detail and vibrant color

✨ Fabric has a medium/heavy weigh consistency and feels extra soft


✨ As mentioned, you may cancel your order within 4 hours of orderering.

If the order arrives at a buyer’s specified address in a reasonable time, in good condition, in the correct size, and has no production errors, we are unable accept returns and exchanges. If there is any error or mistake with the blanket, please contact me via this website, with a photo of the issue.

❤️ Thank you for supporting our small business! I am here to help, please message me with any queries!