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The Benefits Of Dot Markers For Children

Discover The Benefits Of Dot Markers For Children!

Are you wondering what the benefits of using these weird looking dot markers are for your child? Looking for some activities that you can organise for your kids that are educational? Wanting to encourage enthusiasm & also their development? Dot markers are fun and can keep a child’s attention for a reasonably long time. As a proponent of childhood development and education, I always like to look for things that children can do that will better their outcomes academically and developmentally!

What Are Dot Markers?

Let’s begin by discussing what dot markers actually are. Dot Markers are thick  markers that you can use to create artwork using large dots on a piece of paper. Because they are so large, they are wonderful for extremely young children (but older ones can use them too).

There are a variety of brands of dot markers that you can use including:

Shuttle Art Dot Markers 

Dot Markers Ohuhu

Do A Dot Art Brand

this is an example of some of the adorable coloring pages that dot markers can color! Available in our dot markers coloring book!

1) They Introduce Your Child To Drawing & Writing

Dot Markers are an even better way to introduce your child to the wonderful concepts of drawing and writing. They are especially helpful at developing hand/eye coordination and teaching letters and numbers alongside the numerous other benefits. 

2) They Help To Practice “Gross Grasp”

A wonderful benefits of dot markers, is that at a very young age, you can encourage your child to use the “gross grasp”. The gross grasp is similar to when you carry a suitcase. You squeeze all of the fingers shut around an object. It’s important in tasks like handwriting and scissor use.

a picture with a group of children having created various artworks with their dot makers pens.

3) They Teach Them Different “Grips”

As children get a little bit older you can encourage them to use a thumb and index finger, as a different grasp. It’s a great way to cross this developmental milestone (using dot markers), as the enthusiasm and excitement makes this achievement almost seamless! The large size of a dot marker means that your child won’t struggle to pick them up!

4) They Improve Dexterity

Your child’s dexterity will be improved actually using the marker with their fingers and hands, along with all the associated skills. (Dexterity means skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands (if ou were wondering)

5) They Support Development Of Creativity

They allow your child to be creative and produce all sorts of exciting artworks. Creativity will be explored, as your child tries different designs, different concepts and patterns. This increases neurological development and spatial development.

6) They Improve Hand/Eye Coordination

They allow hand-eye coordination to improve and all the associated benefits that come along with that!

So grab a packet of dot markers today and let your child begin their creative pursuits!

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