• a colouring page illustrating a girl with blonde hair, emphasizes colouring as stress relief for teens, relaxation

    Astonishing Benefits of Colouring (& Stress Relief For Teens)

    Have you considered why finding stress relief for teens is at it’s height of importance? When I look back to the mid nineties when I was a student (in Sydney, Australia), my mental health wasn’t at it’s best! A combination of factors led me to this point. I’d suffered from a pot of anxiety “ingredients” that had bubbled away for a half a decade, and by the time I had reached around sixteen years of age there was “trouble”-a-brewing! Back in the 90’s (Days of Yore!) When I was growing up, I was sent to various schools (some prestigious, some not) and the one thing that became the most influential…

  • fun cute new dot marker book for toddlrs

    The Benefits Of Dot Markers For Children

    Discover The Benefits Of Dot Markers For Children! Are you wondering what the benefits of using these weird looking dot markers are for your child? Looking for some activities that you can organise for your kids that are educational? Wanting to encourage enthusiasm & also their development? Dot markers are fun and can keep a child’s attention for a reasonably long time. As a proponent of childhood development and education, I always like to look for things that children can do that will better their outcomes academically and developmentally! What Are Dot Markers? Let’s begin by discussing what dot markers actually are. Dot Markers are thick  markers that you can…